SAWG has a long history of supporting high school seniors entering college with a goal of art education. Through the years, over $100,000 in scholarships has been provided to these students who have proven skills and a desire to continue on their journey.

The SAWG scholarship program is currently transitioning into a slightly revised format to include college students already enrolled in art education. This year three students enrolled in an art program at the University of Arizona  will be awarded a $1000, $750 or $500 scholarship towards their education.

During the coming year, the SAWG scholarship committee will be looking at new ways to continue our long history of support of members and students of art education. If you would like to be a part of this rich heritage or would like additional information on SAWG scholarships, please contact a representative or call the SAWG gallery at 520-299-7294. Thank you.

Scholarship Candidates Presentation

Chrysanthe Kapuranis Presentation

Megan Riehl Presentation


Caroline Eimer