The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild is a community of artists who:

  • enjoy the exploration of a wide range of water media,

  • value continued learning and practice,

  • exhibit and sell their art, and

  • support young artists through scholarships.

  • SAWG web video


The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild got its start in 1967, when a group of ten charter members met weekly each spring to paint after classes with the late Gerry Peirce. Under his tutelage, the group formed a chapter of the Southwestern Watercolor Society, withdrawing after five years to become a separate organization, the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild (SAWG). From an initial membership of 80 artists, the organization has grown to over 400 active members! The desire to participate in exhibitions in cities outside Arizona prompted SAWG to be a leader in establishing the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, now comprised of 10 art organizations in the western United States.

SAWG Mission Statement

The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild’s mission is to advance and develop watercolor as an important painting medium and to provide educational and cultural benefits for our members and interested supporters of our community.

SAWG Vision Statement

The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild is a community of watermedia artists recognized for excellence in their work, promotion of art education, and the advancement of watermedia in southern Arizona.

SAWG General Meetings

General meetings (unless noted) are held at St. Francis in the Foothills Celebration Center at 4625 E. River Road (near the corner of River and Swan) Tucson, AZ. MONDAY NIGHTS. Meetings are on the second Monday of the month from September through May. Starts with 6:30 pm social, then 7:00 pm meeting, and 7:30 demo.

General Information  president@southernazwatercolorguild.com 




When checking out make sure to let us know in the comments or special instructions box where you want your donation to go: General Funds, Scholarships, Shows, Western Federation, or Past President.  If nothing is mentioned it will go into the General funds account.


All donations are appreciated!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2021-2022 Officers

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Kay Sullivan, President 

VACANT, VP of Programs

Tad Lamb, VP of Shows 

Sue Emer, Treasurer

Karen Brungardt, Secretary

Sandra Montgomery, Member at Large

Paula Weech, Member at Large

VacantMember at Large

Karyn Vampotic, Past President

Committee Members, Chairs, and Important Roles 2021-2022

  • Assistant to VP of Shows: Kathy McLean
  • Assistant to Treasurer: PJ Cathey
  • Bins & Cards: Paula Weech
  • Certificates (Membership Committee): Renee Pearson
  • Corresponding Secretary: Bess Woodworth, Robin Miller-Bookhout
  • DVD Library: Karen Brungardt
  • Email/Eblasts: Pat Jordon
  • Framers Corner: Michael Dutton, Sue Ritz
  • Gallery Manager: VACANT
    • Docent Orientation Chair: Judy Constantine
      • Docent Instructors: Karen Brungardt, Judy Constantine, Kat Manton-Jones
    • Gallery Docent Coordinator: Kathy McLean
    • Gallery Name Tags: VACANT
    • Gallery Scheduler: Kay Sullivan
  • Another Pair of Eyes: Bob Jennette and Helen Jennette
  • Gallery Classes Registrar: Shelley Edson
  • Open Studio: Sally Inman
  • Historian: Sue Mahon
  • Hospitality at General Meeting: Carol Quarton
  • Image Archivist: Tad Lamb, Desiree De La Mater
  • Intern Committee: Karyn Vampotic, Sue Ritz, Eledel Giddings
  • Grants and Fundraising Committee: Cindy Engquist
  • Marketing Publicity/Promotion Committee: Sandra Montgomery, Risa Waldt, Sue Hildreth, Lisa Bagshaw
    • Facebook/Instagram support: Tad Lamb
    • Gallery News: Del Marinello
  • Masterpiece (MP) Manager System: Sue Emer
    • MP Gallery Finance: Judy Constantine
    • MP Show-Website Uploads: Judy Constantine
    • MP Website Rental Coordinator: Del Marinello
    • MP Bin & Website Rental Loader: Eledel Giddings
    • MP Website: Sue Emer, Eledel Giddings
  • Member to Member Newsletter: Pat Jordon
  • Membership Administrator: Sue Ritz
  • New Member Events: Kay Sullivan, Karyn Vampotic
  • Policy/Procedures: Kay Sullivan
  • Property Lead(s) – AV equipment: Sue Ritz
    • AV Team: Sue Ritz, Tad Lamb, Kathy McLean, Connie Price-Johnson, Charlotte Landis
  • Rare Book Sales: Karen Guss
  • SAWG Collection Coordinator: Michael Dutton
  • SAWG Sketch & Hike Club: Kat Manton Jones
  • SAWG Video Club Coordinator: Kim Fernandez
  • Scholarship Chair: Donna Lam
    • Committee: Marty Plevel, Helen Jennette, Bob Jennette, Tracy Lynn Ross, Sue Rumsey
  • Sketchbook Designer: Sandy Walker
  • Sketchbook Editor: Nancy Cole
  • Western Fed Delegate/Alternate: Dennis Garrison, Susan Morris
  • Workshop Registrar: Shelley Edson
  • Workshop Chair: Vacant 
    • Committee: Karyn VampoticRobbie Summers, Renee Pearson, Joyce Becker, Rosemary Carmody, Carolyn Streed, Victoria Wills, Sherry Matlack, Joan Considine, Maureen Henson-Brunke