It is SAWG’s unique privilege to recommend artists for consideration by the Tifft Heritage Fund to honor and preserve the artwork of the late Janet Tifft and ongoing scientific work of Dr. William Grant Tifft.  Eligible artists who have developed advanced water-based skills may receive a grant to expand their creative horizons by reviewing Janet Tifft’s artwork and honoring her contribution to the art community.  As you will see, grant recipients are required to generate a creative response to Janet’s approaches to art.

Kathy McLean, one of two Tifft Grant recipients in 2020, has chosen to commemorate the artistic life of Janet Tifft by producing an instructional art class for the SAWG membership.  We celebrate Kathy’s selection for the grant and encourage you to share in her interpretation of Janet’s artistic approach to art.



"Inspiration in Watercolor from the Janet Tifft Heritage Fund"

Kathy McLean - Instructor

Level: Beginner 

Explore painting flowers and milk glass on a contemporary background.  This online watercolor class will be  a painting inspired by the works of Janet Tifft.  It is open to all levels of skill but is especially designed for beginners and timid painters.  Janet was an artist and a teacher, and the Tifft Heritage Fund purpose is to honor and share her artistic life and works.  With a little investment in quality paper and paints, you can paint this in a 2-hour web class.





"Inspiration in Watercolor from the Janet Tifft Heritage Fund" Video by Kathy McLean 



Presentation Video of 53rd Annual Awards

Mark Mehaffey was the awards judge for the 53rd Annual Awards Show. His comments on each of his selections are interesting and informative. 


Virtual General Meeting - February 8, 2021

Jennifer Clark (SAWG VP of Programs) welcomed members and guests who attended the February General Meeting.  After a little bit of news from Jenny, she turned the meeting over to a prerecorded demonstration from Graham Berry who was not able to join us due to the time difference between the UK and Arizona. Enjoy!   



Graham Berry Short Workshop Demo

Graham Berry, SAWG's premier artist, will be teaching a virtual workshop over 3 days, March 9th, 10th and 11th.  Due to the time difference between us and the UK where he is located, his workshop will be 3 hours each day, 8 am to 11 am.  Graham will direct his attention to "People, at Work and Play."  Watch this short demonstration to get a glimpse of what you will learn.




Online Gallery Classes

SAWG Online Gallery Classes, taught by some of our most talented artists and experienced teachers, continue. Our Spring Session of Gallery Classes will begin Tuesday, April 13th and run for six weeks through May 18th.  SAWG’s member instructors for the Spring Session are:  Terri Gay, Barry Sapp, Tracy Lynn Ross, Karen Brungardt, Susan Morris and Sandy Walker.  Watch for our announcement with details and topics in February and when registration will open.  

In the meantime, enjoy this short introductory demo we had for Dru Hill’s class on “Drawing for the Fearful” which she taught on December 1, 2020.



The SAWG Collection


In a climate-controlled storage unit here in Tucson, there are nearly forty very special paintings that rarely get to see the light of day.

Over the years, our founding members and Premier Workshop instructors have donated paintings to SAWG.  On occasion, a few have been displayed in the gallery on a rotating basis.  We are pleased to tell you that now, for the first time, you are able to view the entire collection on this six-minute video.

We hope you enjoy it!