Gallery Summer Hours:
Thursday thru Sunday from 11 to 4pm

The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild is a community of artists who:

  • enjoy the exploration of a wide range of water media,
  • value continued learning and practice,
  • exhibit and sell their art, and
  • support young artists through scholarships.




  • Yellow Bird by Mia Perez

  • Portrait of Einstein by Eva Mae Ross

  • Pineapple by Jillian Stachowski

  • Bird of Prey by Alexandro Tokkaris

  • Diamond Star by Angelina Garcia

  • Wolf Sunset by Mason Hashim

  • Thoughts by Erica Buffalo

  • Chopper by Aaron Stachowski

  • Owl by Sebastian Tokkaris

  • by Evan Barcanic

  • Boots by Stachowski

  • Tiger Head by Gabi Arroyo

  • Mr Meow by Aaron Stachowski