Great Escapes
August 8, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Best of Show - "Alaskan Getaway" - Nancy Johnson

Great Escapes


Show Dates: August 8 - September 30, 2023

Awards Judge: Susan Morris

Chairs: Karen Brungardt, Renee Pearson, Mary Bubla

Entry Due Date: Wednesday, August 2

Check-In: Monday, August 7, 9-10:30am

Reception & Awards Presentation: Thursday, August 17, 5-7pm

Pick-up: Monday, October 2, 9-10:30am

There are many ways to escape and relax in this busy world; vacations, meditation, time in nature, spending time with loved ones, creating art... the list goes on. There are also many different types of "scapes"; landscapes, seascapes, city-scapes, country-scapes. The Great Escape show is a chance for SAWG artists to use the fundamental aspects of the practice of visual art through various water media to depict and share the "scapes" that are important or memorable to them personally. This is not a point show and colored mats will be accepted for this show.




Great Escapes Show Winners

Read what the Judge, Susan Morris, had to say about each winning painting. The online images are not nearly as impressive as it is in real life. Stop by the gallery to see for yourself!


Best of Show – “Alaskan Getaway” - Nancy Johnson

This painting visually demonstrates the very essence of what watercolor is in this restful, yet very active composition. There are a variety of watercolor techniques used, and splashes of color skillfully placed in a composition that zigs and zags, pulling the viewer’s eye through the painting.  It has the perfect mix of loose and tight areas, telling a story with all the small boats gone out of port, someone’s off having fun!   Great job!


Award of Excellence – “Window From The Past” - Sue Emer

Repetition and rhythm have been used in a masterful way in this painting as slats of wood cover the floor and once formed a solid roof.  But age and time have broken things up and given a bit of variety in how the blue sky peeks through the rust colored boards.  Atmospheric perspective and line create great depth in this piece, as natural shrubbery sits behind the building juxtaposed between heavy elements of geometric line.  Considering this illustrates the death of the building, this is a very lively composition!  What a great view!


Award of Merit – “Nice Swing” - Karen Brungardt

This painting is a sweet little gem.  There’s great movement in the posture and sway of this golfers body and blonde hair, and an anticipated correction as she lowers her foot and golf club. The curve of her body is echoed by curves in the landscape that help direct the eye around the painting to the different elements.  The color has been masterfuly chosen as the yellow-green is contrasted by subtle shades of purples in the landscaping and white articles of clothing on the golfer.  Atmospheric perspective has been handled well as you can almost see how far she hit that ball.  Nicely done!


Award of Merit – “Nandi” - Sherry Matlack

Even though this piece is done with very subtle coloring in an almost monochromatic way, it’s great use of values help the viewer zero in on the eye and mouth, the main focal point of the piece. The viewer’s eye can wander throughout the painting through the wonderful maze and variety of textures of the elephant’s skin, but you are always drawn back to that most important part of the painting where you can almost see into the soul of the subject.  Beautiful work!


Honorable Mention – “Almost Free!” - Sandy Walker

This lovely piece almost vibrates with the use of the full rainbow of colors.  There are several watercolor techniques that have been demonstrated well here that combine to tell a story.  You can almost feel the sea breeze blow as seen by the movement in the fabrics and fringe of his wares, and you can almost hear the bird’s calls in the background as the salesman advertises “Special price, just for you!”  I think I’ll buy one!


Honorable Mention – “Eventide” - Loisanne Keller

This soothing piece has masterfully used a minimal amount of brush strokes to communicate the vision of the artist.  Blue and orange have been skillfully combined in the clouds to breathe a bit of life into this quiet scene, and many elements of composition and principles of design pull the viewer’s eye to the focal point. Contrasts in light and dark, line in the slope of the land, the rhythm and direction of the grasses as they sway in the wind; all work together to draw your eye to the little beach cottage.  Lovely work!           



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