Encores and Debuts
June 20, 2023 - August 5, 2023

Peoples Choice - The Future - Sherry Matlack

Encores and Debuts


Show Dates: June 20 - August 5, 2023

Awards Judge: Barry Sapp

Chairs: Kay Sullivan, Carla Masse 

Entry & jpg deadline: Wednesday, June 14

Check-In: Monday, June 19, 9-10:30am

Reception & Awards Presentation: Thursday, June 29, 5-7pm

Pick-Up: Monday, August 7, 9-10:30am 

Summer time and the painting is easy, something old or something new, the choice is up to you!!! This is your opportunity to enter a favorite water media painting from your past (can be older than 2 years) or you can use this show as an opportunity to debut something new. For this non point show, the mat rules are relaxed, colored mats will be accepted. If you decide to enter an older piece the only restriction is that it has not been a past award winner. So, look through your past paintings or get inspired to create anew, either approach is welcome for this show!




Encores & Debuts Show Winners

Read what the Judge, Barry Sapp, had to say about each winning painting.


Best of Show – “My La Fayette” – Marty Plevel

Good job of executing a very complicated subject and overall scene. Lots to look at even in just the reflections on the automobile. The foundation of the painting is its drawing. Very well done right from the start. Color choices were thoughtfully selected, not for just the main subject, but also for the adjoining cars. The reflections on the car are well done with good reflected light and also the reflected color. Great handling of all the details you encounter when attempting an automobile painting. Not an easy subject to begin with. I have no doubt this project took an awful lot of planning and thought. Congratulations on tackling and coming across the finish line with an excellent painting.


Award of Excellence – “Cycling Soire” – Sandy Walker

Great design!! Fabulous color!! An excellent painting that has a sense of motion that is achieved with a bare minimum of detail. I loved the random spatter and the added “confetti” that brings even more color into the party. It makes you want to jump on a bike and join the crowd! This would make a good poster for El Tour de Tucson bike race, or any bike race for that matter. Excellent execution of the theme.


Award of Merit – “Ragged Orange Yellow Flowers” – Summer Celeste

As small as it is, this is a great attention getter. There is a wonderful looseness about this painting. Great color, supported by some perfectly placed grays. Good use of white space and excellent negative painting. These are the foundation of good watercolor paintings and the stuff that was taught to us early on in our demos and workshops. Lest we forget. Good Job!


Award of Merit – “Celebration of Color Explosion” – Maya Rosenblatt

This painting will be hard to walk by without giving it a look! Great color and lots of excellent paint manipulation that draws you in. However, good design and grayed areas always pulls you back to the area of interest. Looking at this painting online does not do it justice. Definitely better viewed in person. Has lots of small wonders to discover and enjoy. A well executed acrylic.


Honorable Mention – “The Future” – Sherry Matlack

This painting is like a portrait only it is of the animal kingdom variety. Great close up of main figure with lots of detail. Then suddenly we find two super-imposed figures taking center stage with a hint of color and emotion. Overall, the story is told with gray tones and good values. Must have had some excellent source material. A very well-crafted painting with lots to discover.


Honorable Mention – “By the Tracks” – Ray Goodrow

I felt the artist handled a tough subject with a loose and free application of paint. Using a very contemporary style, this told the story with just a slight hint of details bringing the viewer into the painting and making them wonder where the Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe engine was off too. The darks were clean and free of mud and the colors helped create a sense of mystery. I also liked the fact that the drips were left in, enhancing the feeling of an unlabored execution of paint.



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