P3:People, Places and Pets
October 3, 2023 - November 4, 2023

Peoples Choice:  Teachers' Pet by Denise Fiore

P3: People, Places and Pets


October 3 – November 4, 2023

Awards Judge: Carolyn Robles

Chairs: Susan Anderson & Mike Dutton

Entry Due Date: Wednesday, September 27

Check-In: Monday, October 2, 9-10:30am

Reception & Awards Presentation: Thursday, October 12, 5-7pm

Pick-up: Monday, November 6, 9-10:30am


SAWG is introducing a new show, P3: People, Places and Pets. These 3 P's evoke a plethora of cherished feelings and memories past and present. Your challenge as a water-media artist is to use the inspiration of one or more of the 3 P’s. This might be drawn from people, places or pets that have had a lasting presence or impact on your life, or you only interacted with them for a brief instant and what you saw or experienced touched you and inspired your creativity. We look forward to seeing how you depict these 3 P’s!


This is not a point show, and colored mats will be accepted.





P3: People, Pets, and Places Show Winners


Read what the Judge, Carolyn Robles, had to say about each winning painting. The online images are not nearly as impressive as it is in real life. Stop by the gallery to see for yourself!


Best of Show – “Red Rock Wonder” - Sandy Walker

Impression and Impact: Colorful and cohesive. Technically beautifully painted, wonderful shapes, edges and transitions to create the feel of the rock, sky, shrubs and birds and a sense of movement and depth. And great use of the white page. Colors are so bold, and still creates a cohesive scene.


Award of Excellence – “Let’s Hit the Beach” - Nancy Johnson

Impression and Impact: Big mood, free and fun. Lovely subdued color and shape in back- ground to support the dog and gives just enough information to give a beach feeling. Great motion and wonderful energetic flowing fur. Nicely done and love the dog’s smile!


Award of Merit – “Little Dancer” - Tracy Lynn Ross

Impression: lovely sensitive portrait with a sweet feeling. Technique nice transition in values and color, particularly in transitions of the skin. Not overly detailed where it doesn’t need to be.


Award of Merit – “Shangri-La-la-Land” - Loisanne Keller

Impression and Impact: Wonderful color variety creating mood and atmosphere with use of shape and edges. Wonderful Technique. Colorful and cohesive, beautiful and interesting shapes.


Honorable Mention – “Teachers’ Pet” - Denise Fiore

Impression: Lovely desert scene, nice desert feel with the use of warm hues. Technique: Good variety of textures, cohesion with subtle color variation, soft and hard edges when necessary, sweet feeling.


Honorable Mention – “Hiking Buddies” - Joy Ellsworth

Impression and impact: Unexpected subject matter, joyful and fun scene, made me giggle and smile. Always nice to have an art piece make you feel. Technique and craftsmanship: A lot of work in the variety of surfaces; skin, fur, trees.


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