Tifft Heritage Fund

The Arts and Sciences Heritage Fund recognizes the Janet Ann and William “Bill” Tifft Heritage Fund.

The intention behind the Tifft Heritage Fund was twofold: 1) to honor and preserve the respective works of Janet and Bill Tifft, and 2) to share the benefits of their works and ideally enrich the development of fund recipients.

Awards will be distributed annually and completed one year from the date of funding. There will be two overlapping funding periods: either from January 1st of given year to January 1st of the following year, or, from July 1st to July 1st. The amount available for the award will be $1,000 per recipient and may be renewed for eligible recipients. The sum can be offered as a single partial grant, multiple grants, or a full grant as determined by the advisory committee.

For more information about the Tifft Grant through the Jewish Community Foundation contact Robyn Schwager at grants@jcgtucson.org