Fiesta Sonora* Point Show
March 9, 2021 - April 5, 2021


Fiesta Sonora Show *Point Show

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Awards Judge: Graham Berry

This is a yearly show that features our beautiful Sonoran Desert, its landscapes, people, animals, cities, workplaces and celebrations. Please see "Defining the Sonoran Desert Region" for information.  This is a point show!

Show Dates: Mar. 9 - Apr. 4, 2021

Chair: Tracy Lynn Ross







'Picture Rocks' Best in show – Daniel Thomas
   "This really is a beautiful painting. I love everything about it. First the colour is sublime, from the 'hot' blue sky that compliments the orange building to the deep blue shadows at either end of the house and the little deep blue of the doorway, also the parched pale yellow earth with the pale violet shadows, it all goes to convey the heat of a desert day.
   The composition is also on the money, from the strong upright cactus against the
horizontal lines of the house to the meandering stream that leads your eye into the painting and the shadow of a cactus out of picture is another great touch to further point you into the painting, beautiful.
   Now let's talk about the brushwork; it really is a bravura display that shows off great control and understanding of brush marks, from all the trees and shrubs to the beautiful loose cactus shadow that crosses the little stream and all the little spatters on the parched earth, brilliant.
   You may think it's a simple enough painting but in the words of Tina Turner it's 'Simply the best'!"

   'Madera Canyon' Award of Excellence - Tad Lamb
"This painting seems to have a Japanese quality about it, not sure if that was intended but it's got a very Zen quality about it, very peaceful. First the eye is drawn into the painting through the soft blue/green foreground that leads to the orange stream with the subtle reflections and then we hit the sharp-edged rocks with the beautiful deep blue shadows. These are very tactile, you can almost feel them. We are led up into the trees and foliage of the Acer trees, almost dreamlike quality, so soft, the contrast with the rocks in terms of edge quality and colour is fantastic. Overall a sublime watercolour painting that I never tire of looking at. Excellent!"

   'Quail Dream' Award of Merit – Tracy Lynn Ross
"The thing I love about this painting is that surreal background set against the beautifully painted bird. It's called 'Quail Dreams' and there is a very dreamlike quality about this, very brooding and mysterious. The wet-in-wet background is fantastic, just letting the watercolour work it's magic. I love the colour; the bird itself is painted with a lot more control which contrasts so well against the background.  A very extraordinary and beautiful painting."

  'Santa Rita Prickly Pear Cactus' Award of Merit – Rick Wheeler
"A visually striking painting, the bright yellow/orange flowers set against the blue/violet background; they almost look like they are on fire, brilliant! The crisp edges of the flowers and the detail contrast so well against the dark soft wet-in-wet background. A lot of skill and watercolour knowledge on show here, a painting to be proud of."

   'Sabino Search' Honorable Mention – Suzanne Rescigna
"I always love to put figures in my own paintings, and I know how tricky they can be, especially children, but you have pulled it off here. I love the simple lines in this painting and the confident way the three children were painted, not too much detail, in a good way, not overworked. I love the loose brushwork in the background too; it gives the figures room to breathe; you can feel the space in between the figures and the background. Wonderful work."

  'The Big Horn' Honorable mention – Lura White
"A very beguiling painting painted with a very subdued and limited palette, which is a good thing. The strength of the light against the dark background is captured brilliantly. Also the goat appears to be cornered; he looks friendly enough but don't get too close! You can almost hear the noise of his horns clashing and scraping against the rocks; I love the way the curve of the horns is echoed in the rocks behind the goat, and are there cave paintings on the back wall. Overall a really well designed and thoughtful painting. Great stuff."



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