53rd Annual Show* Point Show
February 9, 2021 - March 7, 2021

53rd Annual Show *Point Show


100% Online

Awards Judge: Mark Mehaffey

The Annual Show represents our most accomplished members showcasing their talent. This is our longest running show and has become a wonderful tradition for SAWG. This is a point show!

Show Dates: Feb. 9-Mar. 7, 2021

Chair: Sherry Matlack






Celebrate the Award Winners of 53rd Annual Show!

Best of Show – Indigo Waters - Judith Kohn

Award of Excellence – Refit - Dru Hill

53rd Annual Award – Anne: That Smile - Maureen Henson-Brunke

Award of Merit – Alone - Marilynn Davis

Award of Merit – Sausages - Jennifer Clark

Honorable Mention – Asters Among Aspens - Mary Bubla

Honorable Mention – The Babysitter - Tracy Lynn Ross

Congratulations All!


Thank you to our 53rd Annual Show Sponsors!

Members of SAWG

Kay Sullivan

Marti White

Naomi Spitzer