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Dick Butler

I’ve felt a lifelong fascination for watercolor works, and in early 2016 I began to study and paint in the medium.  I develop my compositions from my own photographs and aim to move away from literal reproduction of my originals.  My goal is to work with a freer technique to give a more transparent and organic effect.

I’m drawn to landscape, architecture and to architectural elements as they integrate into the landscape.  I also enjoy working with botanical subjects.  My show “New Mexico Summer” will open in SAWG’s Robert and Helen Jennette Gallery on March 3, 2023

I grew up as an Air Force brat and lived in France for several years in the early 1950’s and again in the mid-1960’s.  My undergraduate academic work was in French and English, and I completed an MA in twentieth century French literature.  My working career was divided between teaching writing & literature and owning/managing two bookstores.  I’m the author of a World War II history, P-38 Odyssey.