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Marti White

When I moved to the West, I felt called to a new artistic path to go along with a new life in a new place.  I embarked on a discovery of painting from the heart.  Learning to just let my colors and media take me wherever they pulled me was an exciting new adventure in expression. By painting from my gut instead of my head, with no concern for what the paintings meant or whether they looked like something, I was able to free up some inner person that I had never known before. 

This pulled me into a much more abstract way of seeing the world around me and my work became less and less representational. Color fills the paintings with a sensuality and warmth as I use vibrant and varied colors in the abstracts. This is an intensely spiritual experience and when it is going well, I get lost in it; time passes and I am unaware of it; life is happening and I am caught up in the doing of my art -  a very freeing and totally self-less expression.

When I put my work out for others to see, my hope is to draw the viewer into the painting and hopefully they will find their own story there, something that is meaningful to them or that moves them in some way. If they are affected somehow by the work, we will have communicated with each other on a spiritual level that goes beyond the superficial.