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Nature has always been my inspiration, especially with the flowers of the cacti in Arizona.

All of my paintings are created through my newest passion, which is the technique of “Pouring.”  Once my drawings are completed,  I wet the paper and pour three primary colors, which create new colors.  When the painting is dried, I apply frisket to the areas that I want to maintain.  The next step is to darken the value of each color and pour again.  This process is repeated up to seven times resulting in luminous exciting transparent layers of colors. This technique could not be achieved with a brush. Once all of the frisket is removed, darker details can be added with a brush.

Vivid color in the desert will live on with the technique of  “Pouring.”

Autobiographical Sketch

As a high school student residing in Neillsville, WI, I had two loves, math and art.  Being the only girl in senior math, I wanted to become a math teacher.  However, my guidance counselor said, “there is no career in math for a woman, go into art.”  At that time in my life, 1960's, I was being commissioned to do portraits.   My love for art was sparked by taking a correspondence course, when I was a junior.

After completing my bachelors and masters degrees at the University of WI, Stevens Point in art education kindergarten-twelfth grade, I started my professional career teaching kindergarten-sixth grade art for five years.  My life took a new turn by taking a 10-year sabbatical to be a stay at home Mom with my three children and teaching the neighborhood children fun art. I returned to teaching 7-9 grade art for 15 years.  All of these exciting times took place in Stevens Point, WI.

Having retired in 2003 and moving to SaddleBrooke, AZ two months later, I finally had time to explore art for myself. My expertise is in watercolor, pastel, colored pencil and “Scarabocchio” (Italian for doodle) using a ball point pen.

I also enjoy sketching and painting on location—small 4x6 inch paintings created with a razor pilot pen.  When water is applied, it creates a variety of gray values...then watercolor is added.

I recycled back into teaching art for 5 years, as a volunteer at the Catalina Mountain School of the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections in Catalina for boys 12-17 years of age.  This was a very rewarding experience.  I am grateful to have had the wonderful opportunities in my life and wish to bring joy and the love of art to others, especially to those who have so little. Since then, I teach art as a volunteer at our Parish.  In SaddleBrooke, through the Art Guild, I teach classes in Scarabocchio, Pocket Sketching and Pouring.

In the fall of 2012, I joined the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, SWAG.  After being in many juried shows and receiving numerous awards, I am currently a signature member.

Awards through the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Tucson, AZ:

—Award of Merit–Fiesta Sonora Show 2018

—Award of Excellence–The 50th Annual Show 2018

—Award of Merit–Signature Member Show 2017

—Peoples Choice Award--The 49th Annual Show 2017

—Best of Show--All Member Show 2017

—Award of Merit for Color–Fiesta Sonora show 2016

—Honorable Mention–Fiesta Sonora Show 2014

—Award of Excellence–Fiesta Sonora Show 2013

—Honorable Mention–45th Annual Juried Show 2013

—Award of Excellence–SWAG Experimental Show 2013

Additional Juried Exhibits:

—45th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) Exhibition, Boise, Idaho 2020

—Fiesta Sonora West–Baldwin Education Art Gallery, AZ–Sonora Desert Museum 2018

—By invitation only: Waddell and Reed Borderlands District Office, Tucson, AZ 2016

—Diana Madaras Annual Holiday Art with Miniature Paintings 2015

—The Southern AZ Watercolor Guild, Tucson Community Calendar 2016

—The Southern AZ Watercolor Guild, Tucson Community Calendar 2015

—Yearly Art Shows in SaddleBrooke, AZ 2005-2020

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Mary Bubla