Brenda Rentfro

I’ve always loved art and animals.  So when I was researching and writing about artists while in high school for my AP art class, I was blown away by what I saw in Tucson galleries (1980’s).  Animals were hanging next to western themes, portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes.  The idea of studying animals, drawing & painting them for the rest of my life excited me beyond belief.  I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license and start my fieldwork.

Since then I’ve gleaned every gram of information from my subjects as I can (Red-tails really do have sharp talons) with their safety and well-being my priority.  I still learn from animals each time I encounter them and I strive to educate others whenever possible.

Pictured here from top left to right: Great Gray Owl, Mexican Wolf, Fly Catcher, (lower left to right) Bobcat Kitten, Ocelot, Jaguar.