Mini Workshops & Open Studio

SAWG now offers small or “mini” workshops – all are in the workshop room at the Gallery. They are taught by members of SAWG who have expertise in various areas of artistic expression. These mini-workshops give our members an opportunity to learn new skills, or fine tune previously learned techniques. 

Additionally Open Studio is held in the Gallery every Friday and available to any SAWG member and their friends who wants to paint with members of the SAWG community. Life Studies Open Studio is offered each first and third Saturday from 8:30am to 12:30. (See below for more info)

Please let us know of classes you would like to see taught in our Gallery. If you’d like to teach a workshop, fill out this form and it will be sent to Loisanne Keller.

Check below for current offerings.  If you see a listing you are interested in, please contact the instructor directly as SAWG is not involved in the registration process for these classes.


THE JOY OF WATERCOLOR taught by Karen Brungardt and Robbie Summers

A series of 4 lessons to excite and stimulate you.

April 10: Picasso-like Portraits – Learn how the study of the great Picasso can stimulate you to create a Picasso portrait.

April 17: Bottles, Bubbles and shapes – Using bubbles and shapes, you can transform an ordinary still life into a surprising abstract.

April 24: Build a composition using a magazine snippet – Learn how you can create a masterpiece from a small snippet of a magazine.  Bet you won’t be able to even find the magazine snippet.

May 8: Still Life reassembled as Tiles – Discover the joy of creating a new and exciting composition by reassembling your still life into sectionals.

Time: Mondays from 9am to Noon

Cost: $30 per person per session. You can take 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of them.

Register by email. Contact either Robbie Summers at 520-818-0817, email  or Karen Brungardt at 520-825-1845, email


Thursdays April 20, 27 and May 4, 1-3 PM  

1st Class: Learn how to critique your own painting. Some fundamentals of drawing, and also some pointers on design of your work. Expect to paint each day.

2nd Class: Learn how to float in colors. Find out the difference between transparent non staining colors and opaques and when to use which ones.

3rd Class: Learn how to paint landscapes, about how darks and lights work and the center of interest. There will be critiques on the final day.

Cost: $75 for all 3 classes

For more information about the class, and to register, contact Mort Saull at
Mort Saull majored in Art at the Newark Fine Arts Institute. He also majored in Art at the University of Arizona with Andrew Rush as his mentor. He has taught at Ben Franklins and other individual classes.

COLLAGE WORKSHOP offered by Marti White

Thursdays 1 – 4pm  May 18, 25, June 1, and 8, 2017

Session 1: Building a collage on illustration board using papers supplied by the participants and glue sticks supplied by the teacher.

Session 2: Making a collage on watercolor paper using materials supplied by the participants and acrylic mediums supplied by the teacher. 

Session 3: Building a collage on a cradled board supplied by the teacher with a background of old papers, acrylic paints to burnish the background and images or abstract designs and stamps and more acrylic paint.

Session 4:  Using a dry heat setting technique with papers prepared in advance of the session by participants. Emphasis on abstract designs. 

A complete supply list will be sent upon registration. 

Cost:  $120 for all 4 classes or $40 individually

Register through Marti at or call 520-760-7223


May 22, 23 and 24 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) from 10am to 1pm

Learn to capture the ‘essence’ of a person in watercolor. This class will expand your painting and figurative skills, and will be of most use to painters who have some basic experience in watercolor. As you work from short to long poses, you’ll find the spontaneity of watercolor lends itself to capturing a gesture, a spirit, the energy of the sitter. Learn to take the mystery out of rendering the face so that it becomes reasonable and understandable ~ and do-able!

Cost: $110 for all 3 days

For more information and to register for the class, contact Judy Nakari at
Judy Nakari is currently on the faculty at The Drawing Studio; has received two Best of Show awards from SAWG, in addition to major awards in local, state, and national competitions; she is a signature member of 3 watercolor societies; and she loves to teach!

Looking for a model for each day, perhaps a family member or friend? Let Judy know if you know someone who would like to be a model.


First and third Saturdays of each month beginning April 1.  8:30-12:30  No Open Studios in July.

Life Studies Group Open Studio – an opportunity for artists to concentrate on drawing/painting from a live model (clothed) in company with other artists with similar interests. No instruction is provided but participants will learn by example and hone their skills such that they can incorporate people into their paintings. While many artists draw, historically most participants have painted during the sessions. Bring paper for several quick and three or four longer poses. The Life Studies Group has been a SAWG supported activity for many years organized by SAWG members Allison and Peter McCray.

Cost: $15/ Session contribution to model fee and gallery rent. Please enter by the back door of the Gallery. No registration necessary. For more information,


SAWG welcomes you to our new OPEN STUDIO experience in the SAWG Gallery Workshop area.

Open Studio: 9:30-12:30 every Friday. The Open Studio is available to any SAWG member and their friends who wants to paint with members of the SAWG community. There will be no instruction, and you can paint whatever you please. This studio is an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, painting and quiet time with other SAWG artists. And enjoy painting surrounded by the wonderful art of our members in our Gallery. 

A ‘Host” SAWG member will be there to open the Gallery, help with set-up and assure cleanup.You bring your own ideas, supplies, snacks, and water. You are responsible for returning the workshop space back to the condition it was in when you arrived. You can ‘drop in’ any week you wish.

Cost: $5 member/$7 non-member voluntary donation per session 

To volunteer as a ‘host’ once a month (or more if you desire), or for more information, contact the Mini-Workshop Manager, Loisanne Keller  520 445 4774 or