SAWG DVD Rental List 2018 – 2019

Artist                                                                                         DVD Name

Andrews Don   Granulation
Andrews Don A, B Making Watercolor Glow
Andrews Don   Painting Negative Spaces
Archer Sue   Commanding Color
Archer Sue   Commanding Color
Baumann Stefan   The Grand View/Creating Great Plein Air paintings with the effect of light
Beckworth Mary Ann   The Brush and Beyond
Brommer Gerald   From Line & Shape to Complex Surfaces
Brommer Gerald A, B Watercolor in Action Responding to Nature
Burridge Robert   Loosen Up Painting Series
Burridge Robert   Start Abstract Painting Today
Carr Betty   Cpaturing Limited Light with Expressive Brushwork
Cheng-Khee Chee 2 parts Many Styles of Cheng-Khee Chee, #1 intro & interview, #2, wc approach
Cohn Julie   The Dance of Watecolor Luminosity, Luster, Iridescence
Cohn Julie   The Dance of Watercolor Beginning and Beyond
Couch Tony A, B Elements and principles of Design
Dalio Carl   Color Power-The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color
Dalio Carl A, B Sketching in Perspective-Drawing & Composition
Das Ratindra   Painting a Personal Reality in Watercolor
Dews Pat   Let’s Get Started Finishing
Dews Pat   Let’s Get Started Finishing
Edwards Sterling   Abstract Watercolors:  Expressions in Blue
Edwards Sterling   Painting Trees, Gress, and Rocks with Watercolor
Edwards Sterling   The Starting Point for Watercolor
Edwards Sterling   The Wooden Landscape
Engle Nita A, B Painting with the Masters Series One:  Advanced Techniques
Fettings Joseph A, B, C A: Ins. Journey, B: Tips for Composition, C: Values (plays only on PC)
Fiesta Sonora 2008     Desert Museum Show SAWG 2008
Fiesta Sonora 2009     Desert Museum Show SAWG 2009
Fiesta Sonora 2010     Desert Museum SAWG 2010
Flowers Helga   Creating Directions
Flowers Helga   Fractured Solutions
Flowers Helga A, B Loosen Up with Confidence
Fountain Ellen   The Watercolor Fountain – A video series for Beginning Watercolor Painters
Francese Frank   Exciting Color in Everyday Paintings
Francese Frank   Fast and Loose with Frank Francese
Fuller Grant   Painting the Sea in Watercolor
Getz Don A, B, C Intro to WC on Gesso “Goat Island”
Getz Don   Negative & Positive 2004
Getz Don A, B Watercolor Journaling
Grastorf Jean   Creating Textures in Transparant Watercolor
Grastorf Jean   Pouring Transparent Watercolor
Green Gary   Water-soluble Colored Pencil Workshop
Harrison-Tustain S A, B Watercolor Portrait Workshop–Parts 1 & 2
Holter Michael   7 Steps to Watercolor Landscapes
Howe Patrick   Dramatic Light:Paint Eye-Catching Art in Watercolor and Oil
James George   Mastering Yupo Techniques for Synthetic Paper
James George   The Artistic Process of Yupo Paper
Jones Tom   American Southwest/Crashing Waves (2 in 1)
Jones Tom   Mountain Stream
Jones Tom   Wilderness
Kemp Linda   Painting Outside the Lines:  A Positive Approach to Negative Painting
Kosvanek Jim   Achieving Luminosity with Transparent Watercolor
Kunz Jan A, B Painting Watercolor Portraits:  A Simple Approach from Photo to Finished Boy
Lawrence Skip   Bringing Light to your Landscape
Lawrence Skip   Critique Session with Students
Lawrence Skip   Designing Shapes
Lawrence Skip   Expressing the Starkness of Main with Contrast in color, value & intensity
Lawrence Skip   Finding Direction in your Painting
Lawrence Skip   Interpreting Light with Pure Color and Flat Space
Lawrence Skip A, B Jelly Bean Figures
Lawrence Skip   Mastering Things Flat and Round
Lawrence Skip   Painting a Figure with Emotional Intent
Lawrence Skip A, B Using Color as Value
Leland Nita   Exploring Color:  All About Paint Volume 2
Lopp Christina   Beginning Watercolor Journaling
Loughlin David   Winter Demonstration Watercolor
Lynch Tom   Capturing Mood and Expression in Watercolor
Lynch Tom A, B On Location:  Preliminary Color Studies:  Can be checked out togetyher
Lynch Tom A, B Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas
Lynch Tom A, B Special Effects in Watercolor:  Can be checked out together
Lynch Tom   Watercolor Painting and Prints:  Marketing Your Art
Lynch Tom   Watercolor Salvage Techniques
Mehaffey Mark   Paint Dramatic Acrylic Flowers
Miller Joe   Goof-Proof Greeting Cards
Miller Joe   Quick and Simple Watercolor (Black and White)
Morris Judy   Tuscan Nature
MOVIE     Local Color:  Inspired by a true Story:  A student wants to learn from an old Master who turned his back on Art
Nechis Barbara   Watercolor Demo
O’Conner Birgit   Calla Lily
O’Conner Birgit 1 & 2 Rocks, Sand and Sea Glass
O’Conner Birgit   The Daffodils
O’Conner Birgit   The Pansy
O’Conner Birgit   The Star Flower
Pech Arleta   Pure Color Glazing
Pike John A, B Watercolor Demo
Purcell Carl   Start to Finish
Quiller Stephen A, B A:  Mastering Color & The Plein Air Experience; B:  Mastering Color & the Plein Air
Quiller Stephen A, B Acrylics the Watercolor Wy:  Stephen Quiller paints a Landscape
Quiller Stephen Part 1 & 2 Complete Water Media Workshop
Quiller Stephen   Landscapes in Living Color
Ranson Ron   Big Brush Watercolor
Ranson Ron   Watercolor Pure & Simple
Reid Charles A, B, C Painting Flowers in Watercolor
Reid Charles   The Figure in Watercolor
Reid Charles   Watercolor Secrets
Robinson Richard   Mastering Color
Rogers Janet   Expressive Watercolor Portraits
Salminen John A, B, C A Designed Approach to Abstraction
Salminen John   Slideshow For SAWG
Simmons Nicholas   Innovative Water Media
Stabin Mel   Southeast Lighthouse
Stewart Iain   Painting Watercolor Cityscapes
Stewart Iain   Painting Watercolor Landscapes  
Stewart Iain   Painting Watercolor Seascapes
Taylor David   Looking for the Light
Tregay Susan Webb   Master Disaster:  Five Ways to Rescue Desperate Watercolors
Van Hasselt Tony   Building Blocks of Painting Watercolor
Vernon Karen   Watercolor Unleashing Dynamic Color
Walsh Janet   Expressive Watercolors from Floral Photographs
Walsh Janet   Interpreting Glass Containers and Lace Fabrics
Weaver Pat   Watercolor Simplified
Weaver Pat   Painting Animals
Weaver Pat   Watercolor Simplified
Webb Frank   Using Your Head, Heart and Hand
Whyte Mary     Mastering Watercolor Portraiture
Wiegardt Eric   Painting Loosely
Winsor Newton   Understanding Artists’ Brushes and How to Choose the Brush That’s Right
World of Art     A Winter Walk
Zehn Lian Quan   Painting Elephants
Zhen Lian Quan   Chinese Watercolor Techniques:  Painting Animals