Sandy Walker

Signature Member, The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild

I grew up in a very creative household and was exposed to art from day one. After earn­ing a BFA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Idaho, I have worked in the advertising business for more than 30 years. Most recently as Creative director for a local Tucson Advertising Agency. I continue to do freelance design work today although water­color is my passion.

I have always enjoyed the look and feel of transparent watercolor. I rely on my design background and love of color for my compositions. I enjoy using bright colors and never seem to run out of inspiration for paintings living in beautiful Southern Arizona or from the many wonderful locations that I have had the opportunity to visit. I choose my subjects by what captures my imagination. I try to bring my own style with my interpretation of the subjects.

I have participated in many shows throughout Southern Arizona and been fortunate to win numerous awards. I have recently been teaching classes in watercolor – design, composition and color.

I can be reached by phone: 520.298.8367 or email:

(Artwork pictured here, from left to right top: What You Talk About, The Girls, Wet and Wild. From left to right bottom: Riley, Sabino Wonderland and San Xavier.)