Ellen Fountain

Ellen Allgaier Fountain is a juried signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Arizona Watercolor Association, and the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. Fountain works in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed water media/collage on paper and canvas, and also creates one-of-a-kind digital paintings and print editions on paper and canvas.

An award-winning artist, she has exhibited her work in major shows throughout the United States, including Watercolor USA, The National Watercolor Society, The Rocky Mountain National, The Arizona Biennial, Watercolor West, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Ellen holds B.F.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Arizona. In 1990 she was commissioned to paint two 8 by 10 foot acrylic-on-wood-panel paintings for the Children’s Room entry at the Tucson Main Library, and in 2003 was chosen to paint a life-size pony for the Ponies del Pueblo project, a Tucson non-profit fund-raising event. She has also received a Tucson-Pima Arts Council Visual Artist Fellowship award.

Her work is in many private and public collections, including the Tucson Museum of Art, and has been published in Watercolor magazine, The Artists’ Magazine, and The Best of Watercolor (Rockport Publishers).



I have been working almost exclusively in water-based mediums, primarily transparent watercolor on paper, for over 40 years, and continue to be challenged by the versatile, demanding and dynamic nature of these mediums. Since the mid-1990’s, I have also been creating work digitally, output as giclée prints on paper or canvas. Some of these works are unique (one-of-a-kind) or limited edition prints. Landscape and still life are my primary genres.

I draw inspiration for my art from my surroundings (particularly for landscape work), from historical art styles, and from a few favorite 20th century painters, then filter that inspiration through a lifetime of personal experiences. My subject matter determines how I will treat it—with flattened space, arbitrary color and lots of patterning, or with the illusion of realistic space and more representational colors. Sometimes I want to do the realistic illusion thing, and sometimes I want to emphasize it’s just paint on a flat piece of paper. The subject also dictates what medium I will use to create the finished work.

(Artwork pictured here, from left to right top then left to right bottom: Crop’s Up, Emily’s and My Obsessions, Cyclamen and Pears, Ocotillo Blossoms, In Georgia’s Patio and Pima Canyon)

Ellen A. Fountain
4425 W. Tombolo Trail – Tucson, AZ 85745-4184
520-743-7841 or cell 520-906-4110

Website: FountainStudio.com