Susan L. Hildreth

I have been a student of nature since childhood. The patterns found in growing things are fascinating. Sunflower heads follow the sun throughout the day, making a pattern of brilliant yellow flowers poking up above the green leaves.

How can these patterns be reflected in artistic expression? I try to create a painting that will be compelling and also perhaps tell you something new about that subject. When we have more knowledge about nature we appreciate it more and help to preserve it.

I’ve been helping with a senior’s art class for several years. These classes helped me learn more about art, health, and aging. Art is a useful technique to help us stay young, healthy, and interested in life.

As a signature artist with the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, I try to get my award winning paintings on public display whenever possible. I hope you enjoy them.

(Artwork pictured here, left to right starting from the top: Roadrunner, Prickly Poppy, Trichocereus First Light, Winter Wren, Coral Bean, and Harrisia.)

Susan can be contacted at