Nancy Huber

I come to the task of describing myself as artist quite humbly.  For much of my life I have been an educator – Head Start in the 60’s, Cooperative Extension in the 70’s, and then in 1985, I moved from rural Maine to Tucson, Arizona where I served as a faculty member at the University of Arizona. Academically, my field is leadership and organizational development. When it comes to watercolor, however, I consider myself a novice with much to learn.

I had thought to explore watercolor when I retired, but in the spring of 2004, my oldest grandson and I took a few lessons from Judi Beck. Since then, I have found much joy in painting and taken great delight in what has become a family activity. I retired in 2011 and now have time to explore, experiment, and continue the learning process.

Why do I paint? The colors and flow of pigments as they mingle and give shape to the subject is a fascinating process. To that end, I focus on working with what the medium does naturally – guiding rather than assuming I need to control. As I continue to learn and improve my skill, I get caught up in the process of resolving the tension between “accuracy” and the “essence” as I seek to portray the idea of my subject.

(Artwork pictured here, from left to right starting from the top: A Boy and His Dog, Boys on the Beach, CJC Quick Study, Purrfectly Content, Gaze and Vacation Selfie.)

Nancy S. Huber