The SAWG Gallery is now located at the Williams Centre at the Southwest corner of Broadway & Craycroft. 

SAWG Gallery
5420 E Broadway BLVD Ste # 240
Tucson, AZ 85711-3725

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00-7:00
520-299-SAWG (7294)


The Gallery is completely run by guild members who volunteer their time.  Each member who volunteers their time is entered in a drawing held once a year to win having their work displayed for free on a wall one month during the WOW Exhibitions. For program details click HERE. To get the drawing entry form click HERE.

WOW Shows are on hold for 2015 due to the relocation of our gallery. Usually during the summer months, the SAWG Gallery offers artists – both 2D and 3D – the opportunity to rent exhibition space during the Watch Our Walls (WOW) Exhibition period. You do not have to be a member of SAWG to participate. Rental costs vary depending on how much space you want, where it is in the gallery, and the duration of the rental.

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