The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild is a community of artists who:

  • enjoy the exploration of a wide range of water media,
  • value continued learning and practice,
  • exhibit and sell their art, and
  • support young artists through scholarships.


  • Ocean Rocks by Sarah Bouwsma

  • A Good Day by Brian Thayne

  • Smith House by Sue Martin

  • Shortcut to Laguardia by Gaylord Ocon

  • Deanna by Bill Dale

  • Hare of My Heart by Bonnie Woods

  • Upstaging by Betty Hock

  • Golden Memories by Kathleen Eichler

  • Bliss by Marnie Becker

  • Sunday Services by Craig Anderson

  • Finley and his Bike by Alexandra Eyer

  • Sleeping Beauty by Tracy Lynn Ross

  • First Rose by Ruth Vreeland

  • Mischief by Nyla Tillery

  • Offering by Laurel McGuire

  • Red Lands by Pamela Gilmore Hake

  • Cuppajoe by Jane Underhil

  • Ladies in Red by Mary Elle

  • Tokyo Morning Rain by Ian Ramsay

  • Celebration by Joyce Baron

  • Sundance by Linda Mullen

  • Museum Lady by Jeanne Hyland